A Conversation with Dave Gushee on Voting for Historic Christianity

Earlier this week Dr. Dave Gushee a noted Christian ethicist wrote a column in the Huffington Post titled “A Vote for Historic Christianity at Election Time.” In that post he noted:

 Thinking and praying with the ecumenical, global Church in this way makes it seem unthinkably vulgar for men and women of the cloth to use their sacred offices to endorse or quasi-endorse candidates for public office in our particular nation. Such endorsements stand at odds with the historic Gospel ministry of the Christian Church, with the care of souls in a politically divided nation, and with the recognition in Christian tradition that no earthly political party or agenda can represent the agenda of God for a redeemed world.

I will vote, certainly. I have my own opinions as to which of the available candidates might do a better job in addressing severe governance challenges in our nation for the next stage of its history. But I do not confuse the significance of my vote, or the outcome of the election, with the mission of Christ’s Church in the world.

Recently I caught up with Dr. Gushee in an interview to talk about his column. Be sure not to miss this podcast!

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