Chaplains In the Line of Service

Here is a really interesting post from the CNN on faith blog, which chronicles the story of Jewish groups working to help place a monument to Jewish chaplains killed in active duty.

Here’s a qoute from the post

“On February 2, 1943, the USS Dorchester was transporting 902 U.S. servicemen to war. Only one torpedo hit, but it struck a deathblow – killing scores instantly and resetting the ship’s course to the bottom of the ocean.

Amid the chaos, survivors later recalled, four U.S. Army chaplains fought to bring calm and comfort, praying for the dead and encouraging the living to fight for survival. They helped frightened servicemen find life jackets and head to rescue craft. Each of the four chaplains gave up his life jacket to save the life of another.”

The piece goes on to note that one of the four chaplains was Jewish and that he is not memorialized at Arlington cemetery. In US military history over 250 chaplains have died in active duty.


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